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Established in 2022, Moss Music is a home to the darker, earthy organic sounds of Techno.  Connecting the cinematic emotions of ambient and classical genres of music with stronger and more physical low end theories.

Giving artists a place to release moments in time, journaling their feelings, giving space for releases and emotions that might not fit into their traditional catalogues.

Concerning the Archive of a Nuclear Research Center : Unknown lady in the radiation protection department, puddle, dancing couple in costume, damage to a waste drum, retiree send-off, lead shielding, burnt-out glovebox, scorpion with microchip

Mo’ Wax Part Four.

James and Mowax started something back when my brain was developing, something organic, earthy, scratchy, excursions in techno, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, early Headz, Clear Channel, Attica Blues, Massive Attack, Wild Bunch, Sade, Hoover, Abraham.

Combine that with the Amen break, I got the rave days to breakbeat to Jungle,  DJ Ron, DJ Hype, Mickey Finn, DJ Rap, DJ Dextrous, and Kenny Ken, Moving Shadow, V Recordings, Suburban Base, Metalheadz, Reinforced, darkcore,  "Darkage" by DJ Solo, "Valley of the Shadows" by Origin Unknown, "Set Me Free" by Potential Bad Boy, "28 Gun Bad Boy" by A Guy Called Gerald, "Crackman" by DJ Ron, "A London Sumtin" by Code 071, "Learning from My Brother" by Family of Intelligence, "Lion of Judah" by X Project, and "Be Free" by Noise Factory.
Then Dubstep, not Skrillex, but UK dubstep "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals." wobble bass,  "wub", an extended bass note manipulated rhythmically. low-frequency oscillator manipulating  parameters of a synthesizer volume, distortion filter cutoff.  Punctuated by rhythmic variations in volume, filter cutoff, and distortion.

The Team

The People of Moss

Toby Barnes
Si Belam


Matt St. Jelais

Production Manager