Bashford - MM005

Acid dub techno 

I keep thinking about a panel discussion I heard on Know Wave where Virgil Abloh talked about how modern (sub)culture is primarily motivated by fame and commerce and that genuine cultural invention comes when there’s no motive other than making something interesting or cool to share with your peers. I wish I could find the recording to listen to it again.

Reading this article about the new Star Wars film just brought it back into sharp focus, particularly this…

“Why be creative when that will merely interfere with merchandising, and when recycling is more dependably profitable?”


The point being made is that the first Star Wars movie feels like it was a labour of love while the new one feels like it’s been painstakingly crafted from tried and trusted components purely to extract as much profit from the audience as possible.

No motive. Just doing stuff because it feels right. Hearing Virgil say that really resonated with me. I miss that feeling. I really miss the spirit of doing things and making stuff just because.


25mins   |   ~160 bpm   | Dub, hypnotic, techno, ambient, dark